• Nic Gardner

Sin is Only a Perversion of Good

“God saw all that He had made, and behold, it was very good.”

Genesis 1:31

When God sat back to admire the grandeur of this newly created universe, it was apparent that his handiwork was good. It’s safe to say that God created nothing that was bad. Nothing He put in this universe was sinful, nothing was ugly, and nothing was decayed. It was all perfect, beautiful, and well suited to an intimate closeness with Him.

Indeed, God is the giver of all good things (James 1:17). So, how did sin come to be?

Sin took a good thing and turned it into something ugly. Temptation weaseled its way into the hearts of man, twisting his thought processes, and altering the desires of his heart until he no longer sought that intimacy with his Creator. These truths are still apparent today. God only continues to give good things, and He is an abundant source of those blessings. We are the ones who turn from His goodness to pursue our own desires.

We know that sin was not created by God (Gen 1:31), so how can sin exist?

The answer is that sin can only exist by twisting something good into something evil. Ultimately sin can offer us nothing beneficial. It can only offer an illusion of something good - a sick, distorted shadow of a blessing from the Father. All the while, it secretly supplants the good with corruption, evil, and death.

Joy, for example, is a natural byproduct of Christian living, and is a great gift from God. Drunkenness, an outright sin, cannot bring us true joy, but it offers the illusion of joy. It can only intoxicate our minds with synthetic happiness, and corrode the ideals set forth by God. So, while you are pursuing in vain the pathway to joy through alcohol, your soul is sucked away into despair and spiritual death. By perverting your joy, your joy is thereby stolen.

In a similar vein, sex, in its proper context, is a wonderful, God given gift. God gave sex to mankind for emotional and physical fulfillment through marriage. Lust and porn provide no such satisfaction. They only offer an illusion of marriage - a corruption of sexual fulfillment - but behind the thin veneer of delight your purity is stolen, leaving you empty and disappointed. By perverting your marriage, your marriage is thereby stolen.

Christian apologist Frank Turek puts it this way: Sin is like rust. It can only exist where there is iron to corrupt and corrode. You can remove rust from the metal, but if the metal is gone, you don't have the rust alone. You have nothing. This is the nature of sin. It can only exist by the corruption of that which is pure and beautiful. Scripture indicates that even Satan himself was once a heavenly creature. Therefore, it follows logically that he can only operate by luring us away by means of deception, forgery, and false promises.

Ultimately, sin offers a false promise that has an allure greater than all other promises: the promise of becoming greater than God. We are drawn to the idea of knowing more than God, or that we can make better choices than He does, or that we can direct our paths better than He can. We desire to be the god of our own lives, rather than submit our lives to the one, true God. This is not only fanciful thinking, but it is the height of arrogance.

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We need to learn to be content with the purposes, goals, and ideals that God has set before us. When we engage in sin, we degrade the very blessings that he has poured on us. Let us resist the devil and his dark corruption, and let us draw near to God, and to His righteousness and light.

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